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An almost foolproof way for achieving success in custom logo designing. 

A logo design is the brand's way to communicate to their customers telling them what benefits you have if by buying from us. This all depends on creating a strategy that the designer creates to explain the company’s message. In today’s time, a logo is not just a symbol but it is the way a company interacts with its customers so the designer must create something that can help communicate its message in the easiest way possible.

But how do you know that the custom logo you have created is the one for your brand? If the logo design makes the viewer feel excited and gets imprinted in their consciousness means the label is the best for your brand. But how do you make something that is so good? A lot of work goes on to create something that can grab customers attention. Some of which are talked about below:
Learn about the business:
The first thing you need to know before creating a symbol is that it represents the business message and can help figure out the company target market. First, start with writing down details about the firm and the market around it. The best way to do this is by asking the right question with the right people. Asking questions can help you figure out what the brand is all about and create something the can explains it.

Not asking the question means not knowing the best way to describe a business, its message and what it offers to the customers. The more questions you ask the easier it gets to pick the best font, shape and colour that explain a business to its customers. The questions may vary depending on the types of business but you must ask them.   
Has the best image:
The label you pick for you business should be so simple can it can be easy to understand and be remembered. It should be so good that people keeping buying for you. But for the logo to have the best image it has to undergo some research like where will it be used who will see it and which colour and font work best.
Another important to make sure is that it should be different from all the others which means the design should be based on what company are interested in and want from their logo. Having the best image means the best first impression, the business is easier to identify and help with increase in conversion.
Pick the best typeface:
A logo for a designer is a custom lettered word which can make your business grow or fail. So what are the things you can pick that can help your logo attract the audience? A logo is made up of three things a colour, typeface and shape. Let’s start with fonts how you pick a typeface that is so good that you can clearly understand the business.
It’s important to pick the right one as it tells a customer what your business is all about. The one you chose has to speak to the audience and tell them about the brand picking the wrong one means losing them. One option you can go for is creating your font something that can make your competitors confused and entice you, customers.
Look into shapes:        
Let’s think about all the business what is the second thing designers work on after the font? Picking a shape, going for something as simple as a circle or a square can mean a lot when it comes to designing a logo. Every person starts learning about alphabets or letters by remembering its shape. The more the shape resembles your logo the easier it is for the viewer to memorise and make it the way to remember the firm.
Just like typefaces, every shape means something and you must know that before picking one that you feel works the best.
Positive emotional message: Circles are used to convey a positive emotional message. The shape is soft and welcoming than all the other shapes.
Unity and guarantee: Ring can also mean a wedding ring or a way to show a bond between two people or a brand and the customer.
Virtue and dependability: A circle is always round it doesn’t split or twist. That is what a business should be always something to depend on.
When designing the emblem just make sure it is balanced and can easily convey a brands purpose.
Pick the best colours:
Colour is the third most important thing when talking about the way to design a custom logo that's successful for your client and easy to understand. If the designer knows the shape and font then its time to pick a colour. Just be careful when picking it as it also describes human emotion. Picking something like red can describe the product as violent, adventurous, courage or even joy.
Before picking the colour the designer should fully understand how each colour works, its different types and which one to pick that can easily make the customer know the brand's purpose. The designers can also mix two to three colours like Red, orange and black, blue and gold or even purple and yellow to make the brand different.
These are the steps a designer to make a customize logo which is not successful but at the same time helping the business grow and have more conversion.

What's the relationship between graphic design and logo design?

Logo design is about creating a brand identity that makes you different from all the others. When talking about advertising there is no business that can be famous without its elements telling a customer telling them what the business is all about? An emblem for a brand is the most important way to distinguish it from all others but how can you make it unique that people can be interested?
That’s what graphic design is for to create a unique identity that separates you from all the others. Before the digital age, it was very easy but in current times a lot of practice and research goes into creating something to make a business different from all others. It’s important that what you create is different from your competitors because it is used for letterheads, business cards to attract customer to your business. Below are a few other ways graphic design plays an important role when creating a logo design:
Business game plan and brand values:
When talking about a brand identity the things that come to our mind is what its purpose is. The goals of any company are defined by the company who tells the designer its message, what it wants from the logo and any ideas to help them. It not that necessary to have brand values beforehand but it’s better to know it as it will be what defines the company to its audience.
Knowing it beforehand means knowing how to identify a character and how it will be presented to the audience. Not knowing what to show is the same as drawing without a pencil. If the client doesn’t provide the designer has to ask this to understand more and create something that works for the company.
More conversion:
The better an emblem is the higher are the number of sales. People are attracted to unique designed elements. One thing we want from our designer is something different from all other business because the simpler a label is the easier it is for the brand to tempt more customers. Another benefit of using a simpler logo is that it helps attract more people to a firm.
Having a unique logo means the brand can easily make a successful brand identity that can influence the viewer to become a loyal customer. This is because the graphic design marketing team has so much information which is being used to show that the brand is dependable.
Working on a Branding Strategy:
The reason most people go for graphic design is that it creates a branding strategy. The strategy focuses on creating something that can clearly describe its purpose to the target audience. The logo is designed keeping in mind the way colours and shapes work together, what’s going in the market, the company’s message and purpose and the branding strategy.
Creating something simple, easy to identify by a client and connect it with the brand is what helps in planning and creating a successful branding strategy. The game plan created includes different ways of advertising a business-like through posters, business cards, mobile apps and WebPages. 
Gives you a unique identity:
The thing everybody wants from its organization is that it has its very own identity something that can make it different from all the other brands. But to achieve that you need to have a logo design. A logo design is created by knowing a company’s mission, its audience and its competitors. You also have to care about what colour, font and shape do you choose.
Having your very own identity means it’s easy to recognize you from your competitors. Gives your brand a professional look and makes the customer interested in all your packages that they are tempted to buy from you. Having a unique identity makes it easier for the designer to promote your brand.
The best first impression:
A business can be seen in various advertisements, brochures and that where the customers figure out if the brand will help them or not. It is important to have a great first impression because that is what keeps the customers interested enough to make him look deeper. It doesn’t matter how good the emblem is for you if the first impression is best you are getting a customer who will always buy from you no matter what. 
Having a good first impression is so important that if you get your customize logo redesigned because of certain changes the customer will always remember you for what you were not what you are. A good first impression is important for all business doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant or an airline's.
Make more customers interested:
People don’t have the patience to wait and carefully read a card or brochure. They want information quick and easy. That’s why companies get their logographically designed because they are going to used everywhere from WebPages to brochures. A graphic designer knows that because of which they add interesting images or graphics to keep it interesting and entertaining at the same time.
The word well designed means the graphics or pictures used in creating the brochure are so good it is easy to understand. Creating something so good makes it easier for the viewer because it is easy to understand and pleasing making the content compelling.

This is the relationship between graphic design and logo design. An organization needs to have its very own logo which should be created by a graphic designer.

Smart businesses always select a Custom Logo. Here's why.

Have you ever seen a business or a brand without a logo? Defiantly Not; because that’s the only way to endure and to make a successful recognition in the market place. For most people, it is such a medium that truly connect and attach them to the brand itself, without the need to see its name. 

However, some businesses still fail to design a logo according to the true representation of their brand after spending millions of dollars. Why do they fail, and the money that they spent is not sufficient? The reason behind a failed design is not the money, but the incomplete knowledge of the business and lack of communication is the fundamental cause.

From Iphone’s "Apple" symbol to Starbucks' “twin-tailed mermaid” or Norse, the world's renowned firms take great benefit from their logos. But is it easy for a business to design or buy a suitable one? In this article, you will find information why smart businesses always select a Custom Logo.

Distinctive from adversary

Let’s be honest and accept the fact that rivals always try to copy each other so they can show who the real boss is. But, when we talk about imitation in the logos, we are talking about the failure and the champion. In other words, it’s the way or a mechanism that helps your brand to stand apart and also tells the target audience you’re not like your competitors – you’re better.

What’s the first brand that pops up in your mind when you want to buy sneakers? It’s Nike; why the same brand emerges every time. Because its logo is designed in a way that communicates everything from the company’s background to their offering (values, aim, and objectives)

 Encourage brands loyalty

The most important thing that encourages the customer to remain loyal to the brand is the good design logo. If a customer is satisfied with the quality and the features of your product he will defiantly come to you next time as he believes that you are the only one that truly understands his wants in this regards a beautifully and well-crafted logo will inspire him to remain attached.

That’s why most of the brands try to build that truly speaks about the business as it will hold the customer the whole of his life.

Create first blush

In the words of famous author, books activists, and motivator Sonya Parker “Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” This quote will surely clear all you doubt that’s why do successful brands try their most to get the perfect buy a logo. Brand sustainability stands on that how a customer perceives and makes an impression regarding the product and if they find success in it no one dares to beat them.


Advertising and promotion techniques

Buying or designing a buying logo means that you have done at least half of your promotion. Because, that’s the only thing that will appear on multiple advertising tools like stationery, websites, business cards, and even on packaging. As more people will recognize your brand the more your sales will increase and product superiority within the respective target market. 

Final Note

After reading this article, you will surely have an idea that why smart businesses always looking for the custom logo, keeping the fact in mind it’s not only an image but will determine your future. 

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5 Custom Logo Issues and How to Solve Them

A logo is the face of a brand. It considered as a reflection of your business that conveys the message of the brand and helps people remember you. In this competitive environment, they create a unique identity of your brand and build its association with customers.  
However, the challenging part is its designing. It requires a lot of research and expertise. It always better to buy a logo from an expert, but even professional designers can get into trouble. Overlooking small mistakes can damage your final design, even you couldn’t realize it.
Therefore, this article will help you to understand what issues can occur and how to solve them. So let’s jump in!

Ignoring Market Research  

Research is the core step, before making any significant decision. Usually, people overlook its importance. However, the process of logo designing starts with market research. If you ignore this, then might be your final design would already exist in the market, or it could be as common as others in the market. Therefore, it will not help you to create your distinctive image.


The best solution to get over this is, do follow the logo designing process step by step. Do a market analysis and competitor analysis. This would help you to create the emblem which is different from your competitors and has all the significant elements that are necessary to be included.       

Inadequate Colour selection 

It’s essential that to whom you are buying logo, know the psychology behind its use. There is a complex theory behind colours, which sometimes overlooked by designers. The common mistakes which can be done are: 
· Choosing logo colours that are irrelevant to your brand 
· Inconsistent tints and shades 
· Using too many colours 
· Preferring personal choice


To use the proper colours, identify the personality of your brand and the market that you are targeting. Like if your target market is the young generation, then try to use bright colours, they reflect the youthfulness and attract them towards you. 

Inappropriate Font Style   

Fonts are not just used to make text appealing, but they help to evoke the emotions of the customers. Inappropriate font fails to create an association with your target audience. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. 
However, when you choose the wrong style, then:
· It doesn’t matches with your brand purpose and story.   
· Fails to deliver a message. 
· Can make it complex and hard to understand.
· Doesn’t look appealing. 


However, always use the font which matches your brand personality, and target market. Looks clear and attractive, and is easily readable even from distance. For example, if you run a tech company, then your font should not be a cursive, elaborate, or old-fashioned font.

Making Inflexible Logo   

It is also a big mistake which businesses do not consider as important before designing. Buy a logo is designed to represent a brand in all stages. Moreover, it is used in different mediums like business cards, social media sites, products packaging, billboards, or advertisement. Therefore, it should be able to convert in different sizes and shapes. But, if your logo is designed in raster format, then it could not be able to maintain its quality and gets blur.


The only solution is to design it in vector format. Ask your designer that which software he uses, recommend him to use Illustrator and CorelDraw. They can produce an image that can be used in different sizes and never lose their quality when stretched or compressed.

Choosing Complex Design  

Another common mistake which done by mostly designers and businesses is choosing the complex design. Sometimes in an aim to make it unique and creative, they make it too complex, by adding so many messages, wrong font style and many shapes. A complex design fails to deliver its message effectively and customers get confused in getting the actual message. 


The best way to make your logo design effective and appealing is to make it simple. Beauty lies in simplicity. The simple design makes it easy to deliver its message and remembered long. Therefore, try to choose a few but appropriate shapes and the right font style to make it simple.  


Logos are the bridge to connect your audience with the brand. Therefore, understanding its engineering is important. If you fail to build that bridge properly, then you might lose your customers. Hopefully, this article will give a good understanding of mistakes which should be ignored to be saved from big losses.  
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Investment in custom logos is important for  businesses

Attention spans are too short nowadays, especially when we talk about consumers, companies have limited time to introduce their brands and convince people that their products or services are worth to consider, these few moments can decide whether your brand will touch the heights or it will wane, logos can do wonders in this regard, they can grab customer's attention within fractions of minutes, therefore, investment in this field should be taken into account.

In this article, we are going to discuss and clear queries about why you should buy a logo or make investment in it.

Good quality:

Good quality and a bad one is distinguishable easily and customers can then point out your competitors in the market. Good quality logos increase the number of purchasers and can engage them for a long time. Those that have good quality are, simple, memorable, functional and versatile.

Brand retention:

A professional icon developer can convey a branding campaign better than anyone else. Brands with eye caching icons are unforgettable. Almost around 90% of the information is gathered visually. The logo and brand recognition of Nike is recognized by 97% of the nation, while 94% remember Coca-Cola and 92% recognize McDonald's. 60,000 times faster than email, people process pictures. Use a competent graphic designer to help you build a brand for long term recognition.

Grow your business:

Why do you buy a specific pack of nuggets, a bottle of body lotion, or a shampoo? Do you ever contemplate the reason? Most of the persons simply make decisions based on the way the product is packed rather than on price. One of the reasons you cannot turn away yourselves when it comes to the investment in the design of your logo is that people find the external packaging so appealing that they will merely buy on wish without paying attention to the whole quality of the product itself.

Defines the meaning of your business:

Customers truly connect with your logo immediately, when they see it. The creative one helps to give your customers a better understanding of your business. The way your buying logo is designed sends a consistent message to the buyer about what you offer to them.

Give your business a unique identity:

Realize that people are seeing many different logos on daily basis. You have to make sure that your logo separates you from the crowd or you just don't expect the crowd will ever see your business. Make sure your logo is the one that gets the attention also remember that it is the one that sets off the popularity of your brand.



Above are the few reasons you should buy a logos, this would be highly profitable for your business in the future. Your logo is the face of your brand and helps to develop the image and expectations people will have about you and your business. Make sure that it is strong enough to draw away your customers from your rivals.

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Rules Not To Follow About Custom Logo

Designing a logo means creating an identity for a brand and to do it successfully it is important to understand that what to follow and what to abandonee. However, in the time of digitalization, it’s not that difficult to find the bad ones. They are all over the internet, you may check out some designers and their design logos and they are not even worth looking at it. You can tell in a moment which one is crafted professionally and which one is an image downloaded from Google.

In this article, you will get to know that what mistakes that usually designers make their logo looks ugly. Moreover, you will go through 4 rules that every designer should avoid at any cost if they want to create a successful and professional logo. Let’s take a look.

Avoiding making rainbow

Using colour is an important aspect while designing a logo, but creating it likes a vivid will ruin all your hard work. Checkout for the colours that truly represent your product and somehow they can relate to your brand. Also, it is vital to know how colours evoke feelings and moods but we have mostly seen designers try to make it brighter that makes a mess out of it. Points to know before colouring


· Try to go with colours that are quite similar to each other (blue, black, and grey).

· Use eye-catching colours 

· Use black and white in the first place

· Think out of the box; but not too far away 


Never use downloaded Google image

Some of the unprofessional designers think that using a Google image and with some modifications to it is all buy logo design is, but it is not even close to it. That would be a complete failure in the market if we will launch a brand with this it, as it never going to be a true representation.

In place of downloading an image, you can come up with the idea of creating an image that truly represents your brand offering. Research your product or service and how you can engage the audience before you begin your preliminary work.



Avoid choosing the inaccurate fonts 

The font looks amazing with the image, but when it appears asymmetrically it gives a logo a terrible face. The best way to avoid is not to let it be too wordy otherwise it’ll quickly become a blemish. Points to consider 

· Avoid the fonts that most of the brands have already used it such as Comic Sans, or else your design may provide a sense of incompetence. 

· Font should be readable even in the smallest form 

· All text must be in similar font; avoid using more than one

Avoid lengthy catchphrase

The important part of designing logo that most of the designers and even the business owner neglect is the tagline and because of it most of the buy a logo fails to create a great impact. Tagline holds the message of brand vision and overall purpose in the shortest possible form.

 To keep it memorable we must keep it short as possible and convey the message in the least possible words. Wordiness will make it look ugly and the customer won’t attach to it. To create a memorable and shareable you need to simplify everything.

Never cheat contender

Cheating your competitor is the most ill-favoured thing you can do to your logo, but fortunately, it is becoming more and more common. That’s why most of the brands can’t sustain these days. The purpose of a logo is to create an independent identity but, if it looks the same as someone else’s, it has failed in that regard. 

Well, there is no harm in taking inspiration but copying other's ideas and the concept is unethical to work.

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A brief overview about logo design

Logos are pictures, texts, forms, or a mixture of all three that reflect a company's name and intent, to put it. A logo is more than a distinguishing mark. If well crafted, it also tells the tale of a business by conveying the brand message in a way that helps to create a long-lasting bond with your target audience.

What does it do?

A logo is important for a lot of reasons, the major one includes:

1. It invites the customer to your services, by giving the best first impression.

2. Gives your brand a unique identity.

3. People remember you by giving your brand an eye-catching style.

4. Distinguishes you from your rivals.

5. Raises brand loyalty

Why is it so important?

Once there was the only fistful of brands in the market but now there are plenty of them, everyone wants to create its own identity to be on the top list in the market. Every brand is struggling to get the attention of the customers and wants to be noticed first. That is why there is a rising demand in the visual representation of the corporations, to part them away and prevent them from being confused with their competitors. That is why designs are started to take into consideration to accomplish the distinguished identity in the market place.

When you buy a logo, always remember that it is your business' first salesperson and source of interaction with the outside world. If people start interacting with it, there is a high possibility they'll develop more about what you are offering them. Effective and strong one design demands a combination of design skills, creative theory and skilful application and range of components that all work together to create a unique presence in our minds.

Do logos matter?

It may seem unimportant to some but to have the right design is essential for many reasons. A well-designed one can offer large benefits to corporations. It can help enhance the interest of consumers, distinguish brands from rivals, ease brand recognition, influence customer's decisions, and convey what your business is all about.

You might have noticed when you think of an individual who has influenced you in one way or other, there is a picture of that person in your mind. This also happens in the case of brands, people are instantly able to depict about the icon of the brand by simply recalling the experience with their products and services.

It is in human nature that they do not read first when we look at something. They see a form, see color before something else, and if that's all to keep their interest, then they'll read. So in any case, regardless of organization, the minor but vital element in the brand representation is the buying logo.



This doesn't mean that the logo ensures a company's good marketing, but that's the most critical aspect of the brand to remember. The above discussion shows that a costly error could result from undervaluing the value of it. Now that you have a good idea of what the logo style is and what its importance, it's time to buy logo online from the start your own business.

Inspiring Logo design trends 2020

Logo design is a very significant and important graphic design niche. While graphic design trends are permitted, trends in logo design are generally more consistent and do not change as much from year to year. The explanation is that the existence of a brand lasts for a long time, often up to a decade, sometimes much longer until the business chooses to update. Despite that, designers must produce those that are modern and trendy in style.

If you are starting your own business and planning to buy a logo, please go through the article below, we will discuss the trends of logo design and will predict what is most popular in 2020 to help you buy the best one.

Animated cartoon logos:

This one breaks the ice between the brand and the customers because it seems, entertaining and easy going. The brands who want to recognize as fun and optimistic one often use such logos. The animation enhances the effects of illustration and wins the heart of the clients.

Outline cartoon style strongly positioned as logo design trends 2020, they look great in small sizes and are simple and fun. Doodle cartoon illustration also has a place in the trends, it seems like a hand drawing and sketching with a pencil or a marker. In short, a simple effortless drawing which is quickly made by hand.

Metallic logo:

The metallic buying logo pattern is to take centre stage in 2020. The design was earlier reserved solely for premium labels. So we're all going to get to see this theme everywhere now. Metallic one has a polished metallic appearance that can stand out from a plain one, and we suppose that's what a company wants its visual representation to look like.


In the past few years, they have been the trendiest and innovative one, which enables graphic designers to transform basic designs into complicated visual representations. This was interesting and intriguing due to the change in the nuances of the same colours. The most used style recently is the multicolor gradient. It blends vivid and bold colors and creates lovely palettes.

Creative letter logos:

In their compositions, Buy logo commonly hold a secret meaning. Designers use various strategies to make the icon "speak" and keep it straightforward at the same time, whether to reflect the most significant ideals of the brand or the brand's operation itself. The negative space technique and symbols that cover some of the letters are very common for the reason.


Motion graphics:

It has been seen recently that motion graphics and images have become an inseparable feature of visual ads and the trend will begin to reign in 2020. Motions should be used to make icons on any web channel as well.


Retro style logo;

The retro style is making a massive comeback, whether it's the result of a worn-out paper, a grunge effect, retro designs, or using retro paint schemes, i.e. natural pastel colors, looks more modern than ever. The retro influence is not trendy for this particular but graphic design trends 2020, as a whole.


This trends can give new life to the brands. However, before applying anything, do take precautions. You do not want to update anything big in your business just for the sake of a trend. If you plan to buy a logo online and implement any trend, make sure to correctly choose the one which represents your brand thoughtfully.

Four Reasons Why Businesses Buy Custom Logo

An emblem for any company is the stepping stone that leads them to grow and get customers interested in making them invest or buy items from a brand. There are two types of logos a unique logo and a normal one.

The reason they are being talked about separately is that there is a big difference in both of these types of symbol. A custom brand is a uniquely designed emblem for a brand giving your brand a unique identity and making it different from all the other brands. 

A unique symbol is designed by doing in-depth research about a company which is done by asking brand-specific questions that can help in setting them apart from all the other businesses out there.

There are a few more other benefits for you if you get to buy a custom emblem for your firm let me tell you why.

Great First Impression:

When it comes to growing a company the most important thing is making customer have a great first impression of your business. Before a customer enters your company the first thing they see is your symbol and then enters your firm.

Having a unique emblem means there a high chance of customer entering your organization and buying what you are offering them.

Engage new customers:

Companies buy business logos because they are simple and memorable. People react faster to images than texts. It all depends on the number of shapes and colour you add in your emblem the more shapes are added the easier is it for the customer to remember your brand.

Creating a logo that engages new customer helps with customers remembering your shop and make them come to you with any need.

Helps you stand out:           

If you think about all huge companies the thing that helps you stand out from all the others is the custom symbol that got designed for their brand. This is the main reason for getting a custom logo is the word unique identity. 

Every custom logo is designed different from each other keeping in mind a logo’s font, colour and shape picked to create it.

Gives your business a professional look:

If you are thinking about giving your brand a professional look you need to purchase logo custom-designed for your business. The basic needs to get a custom emblem is getting a great symbol for your brand.

If you want a professional look you must design a great emblem for your company that can help set your firm apart from all the others.    


These are a few reasons why you must buy custom logo design for your business if you are looking for ways to grow your corporation, engage new customers and help your corporation stand out from all the others.

These tricks are being followed by a few different companies making them the most important ones if you are looking to find ways to grow your business.

Why Buy Logo Design Had Been So Popular Till Now?

An emblem in simple words in the name of a business and the way to recognize your business from all the others. It can make a person feel different things react to a firm in a particular way and even tempt you to check out their products.

But this topic is not about why you need a symbol but why is buying a design more popular and why should you always go for a custom emblem even if could cost an arm and a leg.

Gives your brand a unique identity:

A company symbol is the forefront of any company making it important that get something that can fully represent a company and can truly explain to a person that what I am and what are the things I can offer to you.

A custom logo only created after asking some important question from the designer as they want to create an eye-catching design that can make easier for the audience to notice your business. 

Creates the first impression:

A label for a company can be seen anywhere on brochures, business card, letterheads and many other different places. If you buy a logo one thing is for sure that whatever you get will be designed with different variations that they can be used for all these different places.

Not having a custom tag means making it difficult for a customer to understand what you are all about. This is a whole scenario which will lead to the company uninterested in your organization.

Gives you professional look:

The word professional means having the qualities that connect with trained and skilled people. When it comes to logo the only way to give you a professional look is by picking the right colour, font and shapes that can explain your firm the best way. 

If you buy a logo online it proves to the customers that you are devoted and have been investing the right amount of time and energy to give you the best product and services.

Builds an emotional connection:

If you think about a popular corporation what makes them so special, how do they make you remember their firm instead of all the others? Every emblem has a story which can include how they grew or how they got so many people interested in their company.

This is what you may call an emotional connection which is all about connecting a brand with how a person feels making them never forget about your brand.


These are few of the reason that makes companies still want to buy logo design for their brands making it the most popular choice when creating a business or thinking for ways to grow a brand and get more customers interested in you.  

Plagiarism and Custom Logos

There are times where you may thinking I have seen this image before this might be because the design used may be copied which is called plagiarism. The word plagiarism means to steal and disguise another person logos as your own.

When it comes to design logo plagiarism is a common issue which is why most companies go for a custom-designed logo for their brand. Plagiarism is something that has made companies to trademark and copyright their emblem.

The best way to protect yourself from plagiarism by getting a custom logo designed for your business. Let’s see why a symbol is the better choice for a business.

Asking questions:

An emblem is designed by asking the business some questions which can help the designer get a better understanding of the company. The questions asked by a company may include how did you start, do you have any previous custom logos and what is your brand’s message.

There is a chance that the start of the business may be similar but the brand’s message which includes all about the company will always be different and the designer makes sure of it. The questions asked may be different but the basis of all these are the same.

Learning about competitors:

If the designer understands everything about the company the second step looking at the businesses competition. There are two different ways of doing this one of which can be walking around the area or searching online this depends on the designer.

There is another benefit of looking into the competition like always staying ahead, maintaining your unique identity. You can also get the chance to learn about competitor’s customers helping you learn about the strategies the competitors are using to keep their customers loyal.

Thinking Differently:

This is one of the most difficult steps when it comes to buying logo design. We live in times where everything is online so the only way one can figure out is by thinking out of the box which can take can a lot of time.

There are a few designers who just don’t work on this step because of the huge amount of effort it takes but it is a very important one if you want to protect the reputation of your brand which can be ruined if it logo is said to be plagiarised.


So what do you think is it better to buy logo custom designed for business or get plagiarised because you paid less money to the designer causing him to leave some of the important steps and creating something that resembles a famous brand.  

How to create a minimalist logo?

If we talk about design trends there are a few different trends but a trend that keeps repeating is creating a simple or minimalist logo for your brand. The reason that this trends keep repeating itself because it makes your brand timeless

The way to know that the design you have created is minimalist if the design is easy to understand and special that it can make your customer interested in a brand. You can find a minimalist emblem in every industry.

Using geometric shapes:

The first thing is designing using geometric shapes like squares, rectangle, circle and triangle that can make your logo balanced and proportional. The best example of companies that use minimalistic shapes are Windows, Audi, and Target.

Simple colours:

When it comes to picking colours for a minimalist symbol you can’t have too many choices. You can only pick single or two-tone colours or in most cases black and white colour for your emblem.

Create a logotype:

The simplest step you can do is create a logotype. The way you can creating a symbol is by picking a specific typeface just make sure it is copied or used by a big brand. Try experimenting with the size and layout of the font you are using to create your tag.

Simple typography:

When creating a logo online the thing you can go for is a clean and simple look. The best way to do this is by picking one typeface that is picked after researching about the audience. The best font that many people believe to be the best is Sans Serif font.

Easy to understand Image: 

When getting a logo designed the one thing you can do is use images that you feel can be surprising or wonderful to look at. When it comes to branding this is the way to do it. Creating a logo which is easier to understand makes it for customers to notice the brand.

Go for a retro design:

The best thing you can do to create a minimalist company logo is sticking to a retro design. All retro design mainly focus on simple typefaces, small circles and thin strokes and stretched lines. The best thing about using a retro design is you have millions of references to pick from.

Don’t decorate it:  

This is the most important thing you need to keep in your mind when buying logo design. You should try to create something that works which can be an either be a flat composition designed using black and white colour.


These are the few things that when combined can form a logo which is simple enough that can help in creating an emblem which makes your brand easy to recognize and attract customers towards you.


Why is it better to get your logo designed by a professional designer?

A logo is a gate for a business. It is the thing that people see which helps them react in a certain way. The way they react can be either be beneficial or can hurt your brand as this depends on who designed your logo. When getting one designed another option is going to a freelancer to create your website.

If your emblem is designed by someone who is experienced you can make sure that it will be interesting to the customer and even make check out your business and buy the products you are offering.

But why is it better to get one designed by someone who is experienced? Let’s see below:

Experience effects quality:

When it comes to creating the logo for your business the one thing that matters the most is how qualified or experienced your designer is. The reason for this is that an experienced person will ask you a few different questions.

An experienced designer will provide you with a few different samples to you for review which can be edited to fix any errors before finalising the design making what you receive to be the perfect emblem for your brand.

Creates something that lasts:

The most important thing a designer looks into when creating a company logo is that they are creating something that lasts. The only way one can design something that lasts is only if he does in-depth research about the brand.

There are companies which say let’s follow the trend but the designer says no let's create something different. In creating something different they leave a little bit of gab on the side which can help in adjusting your logo for the trend.

Creates a unique identity:

When we talk about creating something unique the way one can do this is by doing full research which can include things like what your company name is, what colour will work with it, who are its competitors and many more thinks.

If a designer has all these different things then creating something unique isn’t a difficult task which can help which can be something that stands out and makes customers interested in your business.

Makes it easy to advertise your brand:

When we talk about an emblem the business is thinking about ways it can advertise its business. When we talk about advertising a logo a question arises how a design can be used for advertisements for all these different types of places like social media and many more.

If you are an experienced designer you will always design the logo in vector format which offers a few different benefits. These benefits are that it can be easily readjusted for all the different forms without even losing their quality.

Your brand can be easily remembered:

The way to make your brand memorable is by using defining colours and shapes in your logo. Every colour and shape has meaning. If you want to know how to use colours just search colour theory.

This requires you to be very careful when picking the colours you are planning to use in your design. This is the hardest and the trickiest task that why experienced people plan to use thin in the last.

Make customers trust in your business:

A logo is everything for a business making it very important that you create the best but what is best? The best is something that makes the customer trust in you, makes them come to you first with any need.

If you are thinking to create represent all of this in the logo buying I will suggest you get one designed by an experienced logo designer which is creating something that can help create that trust between you and your customers.


A professionally designed emblem can be fascinating for your business and can be helpful for your brand and can help to entice the correct audience to your business. This is not all as it helps you get better sales and make your business profitable.

Colour Combination to go for when designing a company logo

Colour is the most important part of your brand. It is what a customer first responds to making it very important to only go for those that represent your brand in the best way possible. The only colour is what makes your brand exciting enough to make it attract more customers.

But picking the right shade can be a very difficult task as it requires you to have a lot of research about the brand as each colour represent a person emotion so make sure to pick those that you know will be beneficial for your brand and can help in promoting it to the correct audience.

Here comes a question which colour scheme should I go for it depends on the industry your business belongs too.

Food Industry:

In the food industry, you are required to pick those shades which represent excitement, energy and hunger. This is why a few different famous companies like KFC, McDonald's choose to go for these colours.

Another colour that you might have seen used a lot is yellow represents happiness, hope and sunshine which in food industry terms say we provide happiness and hope to our customer so come check us out.

Social Media:

Social media business which includes website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much other famous business commonly use blue pigments which means trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and trust.

These companies utilize these colours when buy logo because they want people to trust in you which can be a very difficult task unless you utilize colour like blue and white with your brand. This makes you don’t think just trust that you will be receiving the best no matter what.


Banks a business providing you with the services helping you secure your money and use it wherever you want also use a few different colours. The colours they use include black, grey, red, green, blue and yellow.

They utilize black because it represents mystery, power and sophistication, grey representing neutrality and balance, red representing fire and blood, green meaning renewal, nature and energy, blue trust and stability as well as yellow happiness and positivity.


An institution providing medical and surgical treatment to sick and injured people also use so unique colours but what they utilize is only meant to amplify their purpose. They mostly use red, white, blue and green.



The designer uses red shows that they are determined to help you, white colour shows heaven safety and purity. The clothes they included elements of blue and green which mean confide in us and you are safe here.

News Channels:

The news channel is those that have been attracted thousands of peoples towards it. The used a few different things to attract audience towards it but in the end, these are just a few short techniques that are combined forming something this bug.

The colour that one that is mostly used by news channels include blue, white, red, black which are similar to a few different purposes but the purpose of all of these are different. The purpose of these is to entice viewers in checking out their content.


These are a few different colour combinations that these different companies use when designing a company logo. So if you are planning to use these make a company that offer these services to make sure they also use these services.


What makes a logo the best?

A good logo for a business is something original, relevant and designed in such a way that customers can easily understand what you are trying to convey. The only way can say that what we are creating is adequate if it is telling the reader understands the purpose of what we are trying to say through the pattern.

The main thing that makes a pattern worth is if it can fit all the different places which can be the brochure, letterhead, business cards etc. Does this sound simple, as you are just trying to create something that fits in all these different places?

It may look simple but in actual it is very difficult as you need to take care of a lot of different things that when combined can create something create the best logo. If you want to know what they are check below:

Design Brief: 

The first step into the creation of the perfect logo starts with the design brief. It is a document created by either the company hiring, it includes everything the designer might need to know from the designer. 

When getting a brief you can also ask the company a few different questions to get a better understanding of the company. The more questions you ask the easier it for you to draft a design that the company likes.

Exploring ideas:

If you know what you need to create it’s time to figure out how all of this will work out and help in creating the finest for your business. There are a few different ways to do this it depends on what you want the companies to look like.

The best places one can research are through books, Google or the competitor’s website and many more it all depends on what you are looking for. Make sure to have a keen eye on the competitors as you should always be different from them.

Sketching the idea:  

The next step is sketching your idea here you are creating a draft of what the company’s logo could look like. Always try to create multiples designs at a time because when designing the thing you are creating isn't a final draft.

Sketching is the best way to train your mind to create the best design as your company’s logo. While sketching one thing many experts say is don’t think just keep doing it as these might look okay for now but can later be combined to create something amazing.


These are a few different ways that can help the designer in creating the best logo for a business. By doing even the most difficult task as creating a custom logo design for your business can be a simple task if done correctly.

The most important in all of this is the research the more research done the better the design looks. So make sure you are doing enough research as you can create the best you can.

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